Persistence and Change: New challenges for Economic Development

The VIII Annual Conference of SITES is organized in collaboration with the CRISEI Institute based at the Department of Business and Economic Studies of the Parthenope University of Naples and will be held at Palazzo Pacanowski, Via Generale Parisi, 13, Napoli on 14-15-16 September 2023. The event will take place in person.

Culture, geography, and institutions are factors influencing economic development and growth with remarkable and persistent effects over time and across generations. In unstable environments, however, such “factors of persistence” may also change rapidly by adapting to the evolving social, political, and geographical contexts.
Recently, the global economy has experienced a period of high instability with continuous changes in the social, political, and geographic environment. Increasing inequalities, climate change, conflicts, health emergencies, financial and energy crises, international trade, and migration are important factors affecting the environment and driving rapid changes in institutions, culture, and geography.
Understanding the direction of these changes and the factors affecting this process is of paramount importance to develop adequate strategies for governing societies and assuring the economic development and prosperity of the global economy.
The aim of the conference is to provide a forum, in the field of development economics, that can be useful for identifying the factors of Persistence and Change by delivering an improved understanding of the spatial and social distribution of the impacts of changing environments across regions, economic sectors and different socio-economic groups.
The international conference SITES – 2023 invites the submission of long abstracts for research papers, participant panels, and posters related to the topics of the conference and the general themes of development economics.

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