16th EACES conference, 13-17 September 2021

The 16th Conference of EACES will be held online via Zoom as a virtual conference from 13-17 September 2021 due to the still ongoing pandemic.

As in previous EACES conferences, we will have both invited keynote lectures and sessions that consist of submitted single papers or a series of 3-5 jointly submitted and related papers that form a complete session. Furthermore, we can provide for sessions in which new books or some other form of outcome from a larger research project in Comparative Economics can be presented.

Unlike in previous “offline” EACES conferences, we will spread the presentations over 5 days in order to avoid rather tiring all-day video sessions. We will also try to schedule slots taking into account the “time zone problem”. With participants from all over the globe, there will be no perfect solution, but we will take into consideration the local time zone of speakers.

Further information is available at eacesconference.eu